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Iowa Pioneer Life was developed as part of the Explorations in Iowa History Project at Malcolm Price Laboratory School. The purpose of this unit is to provide highly motivational learning activities tied to learning outcomes and national and/or state content benchmarks and standards. This unit includes twelve lessons that focus on important themes in pioneer life that require students to interpret primary source materials, organize information, generalize about the past and draw conclusions for future study.

Lesson 1-Iowa's Location

Lesson 2-Iowa's Land Formation

Lesson 3-What We KNOW About Pioneer Life

Lesson 4-What We WANT to Know About Pioneer Life

Lesson 5-Pioneer Settlement

Lesson 6-Transportation in Pioneer Iowa

Lesson 7-When and Why They Came

Lesson 8-Games and Leisure Time-Then and Now

Lesson 9-Pioneer Farming

Lesson 10-Pioneer Homes

Lesson 11-Surviving in Frontier Iowa

Lesson 12-Unit Culmination

Pioneer Bibliography

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