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The Explorations in Iowa History Project was the brainchild of Dr. Donald Scovel, former chairperson of the Social Studies Department of Malcolm Price Laboratory School. As an outreach arm of the College of Education and the University of Northern Iowa the Explorations in Iowa History Project was one of many Laboratory School projects that serve the schools of Iowa and the nation through development of innovative curriculum materials.

In the early 1970s, Dr. Scovel received monies through a Federal Bicentennial Grant Program to develop a collection of primary source materials focusing on Frontier Iowa (1830-1870). In 1980, Dr. Lynn Nielsen received a grant from the National Endowment For The Humanities  to extend the project to the advancing social and economic development of Iowa characteristic of the period 1870-1940.

With both periods of time, primary source materials were identified with the support from staff at the State Historical Society of Iowa and organized into instructional modules that included suggestions for teachers and lesson plan ideas. For over twenty-five years these materials were sold to schools for the cost of printing and production. Thanks to advancing technology, these materials are now available online and may be downloaded and reproduced for instructional and educational use.

Explorations in Iowa History Project
Malcolm Price Laboratory School
University Of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa
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