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Reflections of Yesterday
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This collection of learning activities uses the local community as a source of historical information. Teachers are provided with lesson ideas that challenge students to use clues from local architecture, oral histories and historically significant objects to explore the past. 

Iowa Pioneer Life: A Teaching Unit for Elementary Grades
This teaching guide, written and pilot tested at the Laboratory School and revised in 2003, is available for elementary grade teachers to use in the teaching of pioneer life. The 12 lessons encompass topics ranging from transportation to home remedies. Each lesson includes objectives, materials, procedures and supplemental materials.

Pioneer Calendar Activities
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This collection of lesson ideas is structured around pioneer calendar and the seasons of pioneer farm. Events form Iowa history are cited for each day of the year and suggestions for teaching historical thinking and historical problem-solving are provided. In addition, seasonal recipes, arts and crafts ideas that teachers may use with students are provided for each month.

Explorations in Iowa History Project
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Cedar Falls, Iowa
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